I'm Allison Taylor, and before starting Skillful Solutions I owned and managed a successful electronics manufacturing business for 12 years.  My previous business, Sytronics, Inc., was a precision contract manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies that were primarily for industrial and medical applications.  At Sytronics, I worked in every aspect of the business - inventory, shipping, receiving, production, human resources, A/P, A/R, and I also gained much experience in soldering, assembly, testing, troubleshooting and repair, wave solder and automated pick and place machine operation, reflow ovens, and more.  After selling Sytronics, Inc. in May of 2010, and assisting briefly through the transition, I now want to share my years of experience and expertise with other businesses!

I am an avid outdoors woman who spent many of my younger years leading groups through ropes courses and initiatives, guiding backpacking trips, teaching rock climbing, and going on adventures. I love to combine my corporate background with my outdoor lifestyle to create memorable team building activities and events. 

I am also a freelance writer with many published pieces, spanning many different genres.  I have extreme attention to detail in everything I do. I have a BA in Environmental Studies, and am committed to maintaining a healthy balance between industry and our natural environment.  

I am committed to giving back to my community, and am an active volunteer firefighter and search and rescuer. I also serve on the Board of my local fire department. I enjoy contributing to my local business community, and serve on the Board of the Brevard/Transylvania Chamber of Commerce as well.

My hobbies include extreme distance hiking, exploring the outdoors with my family, and looking for new adventures.